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Sourdough is obtained from the natural fermentation of rye our, water, milk and fruit, therefore natural ingredients and yeast without the use of chemical substances. It is also called “Starter” dough because fresh daily leaven is obtained from it. It contains a high number of micro organisms, 100 billion Saccharomycetes and 2000 billion of lactobacillus per kg of dough, which multiply and stimulate an optimal leavening which is able to kill eventual pathogenic germs and therefore does not require preservatives. The resulting dough is spongy and, during oven baking, transforms into a soft product which maintains for a long time the exclusive qualities of the materials used and which undoubtedly presents a unique ease of digestibility.

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72 hours of patient handworking

The quality of the preparation consists in respecting the slow and long times: 72 hours of patient wait, today like as in the past. The quality and the avours are protected by a process which is not forced and which, therefore, respects the exclusive sensory qualities. The intense control of quality is practised in every single moment of production in order to safeguard a process which has, in its oldest procedure, its most certain and exclusive guarantee.

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